dHealth Network

Public Blockchain Infrastructure for Healthcare

Aligning the incentives of all stakeholders in the healthcare system by making their processes more efficient, transparent, and valuable. 


Live since 29 March

Real-World Solutions

Incentivizing patients when they give permission to use their healthdata

Tracking vaccines in Subsaharan Africa

Health Certificates protect vulnerable populations during the pandemic


Network Wallet

Decentralized Identity


Certificates & Registry

Tracking & Tracing

Digital Currency

Network Currency

Utility Token & Stablecoin

Token Exchange

Automated Market Maker

Centralized Exchange Listing

Data Control

User-controlled data access

Personal Health Data Repository

Digital Contracts

coming soon!


Nodes & Staking

The nodes of the public dHealth Network are spread out geographically to provide network stability and accessibility. A maximum of 100 high-performance Supernodes forms the backbone of the dHealth blockchain network. The network utilizes a Proof-of-Stake mechanism.

Digital Health Points

The native currency of the network is the Digital Health Point (DHP). DHP is a utility and payment token compliant with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regulations for crypto-currencies. It has a fixed supply and variable value.

Operators of Supernodes can issue their own tokens on the network including stable coins.

Develop dApps

Build your solutions on the dHealth Network using its API and developer tools.

Submit your project idea via the Innovation Fund page.

Cooperation & Partnerships

for our real-life projects

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