On January 28th, the Symbol community test ran successfully (see NEM Forum). As a consequence we can start planning the launch of the dHealth Network, although no definite release date for Symbol has been set. The dependency comes from the fact that dHealth Network builds on Symbol technology. Although building on the Symbol technology, the dHealth Network will be running independently on its own Supernodes

The network could have been launched with one of the earlier releases because we already use a minimal setup for the health certificate project with a Chain height of 1’097’656 (2021-01-28 18:12:46 CET). However, we try to use all the learnings of NEM launching its next generation blockchain. Therefore, the official launch of the dHealth Network will happen approximately two weeks after the Symbol launch. No definite date can be set but we expect that to happen in March.

Meanwhile, the quest for Supernode Operators will continue. We have already commitments from academia and one of the Top 3 pharma companies. With the launch, all of the current projects will run on our network. 

With the official launch of the dHealth Network, many more will happen: the current holders of DHP will be asked to migrate their DHP to the new network; staking rewards will be paid out, and an airdrop on the NEM community will happen. The latter serves the dissemination of the DHP. An Automated Market Maker will be launched and the listings at centralized exchanges will be pursued.